Tips to keep you safe on a scooter or moped

There’s no denying that a scooter can give you the freedom you’ve been looking for when growing up, and with less of a licensing hurdle than a car or a bigger motorcycle, scooters are often your first adventure on our roads.

People see a moped as a bit of fun, cheap motoring, but you can seriously hurt yourself if you don’t take adequate care, here are some simple but potentially life saving tips.

1. Always wear suitable clothing and a helmet.

Wear your helmet at all times when riding, and wear suitable clothing which covers your arms and legs – it may be nice in the summer to ride around in your shorts and t-shirt, but if you fall off you’ll soon regret it – ever heard the term “road rash”? Ouch!

2. Be visible.

Riding around at night is perhaps one of the most dangerous times, and if you’re kitted out in dark clothing, you’re going to blend in and be hard for other road users to see. You have lights on the front and back of your scooter, but side on, you’ll be hard to see. We recommend a high visibility vest or other reflective clothing.

Night time isn’t the only time you can be invisible – pay attention to other vehicles blind spots when filtering or overtaking, spend as little time as possible in blind spots, and be ready to take evasive action if another driver starts to move into your space.

3. Have suitable training.

In the UK, riding a moped only requires a CBT (compulsary basic training) which, as its name suggests, covers the very basics to ensure you can ride at a suitable standard on our roads, but taking extra training can really improve your riding and in turn your safety.

Filtering needn’t seem like some dangerous maneouvre, so ride sensibly, pay attention to what other road users are doing, and be curteous.

Always use your indicators, the more you let other road users know of your intentions, the better. Ride defensively, take extra care, and never make any risky moves, you’re less protected than car drivers, and even other bikers who are in full leathers to protect them in a fall.

Stay safe, be sensible, and enjoy.